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Fillmore Library Policies & Resources

The mission of the President Millard Fillmore Library is to make a positive difference in the lives of our patrons by responsively providing materials, information, and services at our library and our online website. We hope that you find our resources helpful and ask that our patrons abide by our policies outlined below. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

Online Checkout

  1. Click on 'Search the Library'
  2. In the upper right corner, click on 'Please Login'
  3. Username is your Library Card #
    • The card number must be 14 digits
    • No spaces between the numbers
  4. Password for first-time users will be userpass
    • At the system prompt after logging in, please change your password
    • Click on the 'My Account' tab to edit and change info if needed
  5. Enjoy the following features:
    • Renew/Reserve items from home
    • See what is currently checked out
    • Check due dates & fines
    • Search the Fillmore Library's Card Catalog

Library Fees

Copies / Prints: $0.15 per page

Fax: $2.00

Book Fines: $0.10 per day for books returned after the due date

Movie Fines: $1.00 per day for movies returned after the due date

Lamination: $0.50 per foot

Computer & Internet Policy

  1. Computer access with word processing, publishing, and educational software shall be provided for patron use. Copy and computer print fees are as follows:
    • Black and white set by Fillmore City Council
    • Color set by Fillmore City Council
  2. Internet access shall be subject to the following regulations:
    • As required by Section 9-7-215 and 9-7-216, Utah Code Annotated, the library shall provide Internet safety for minors, including the operation of a technology protection measure. In furtherance thereof, the library shall:
      1. Restrict access to the Internet or online sites that contain material that is child pornography, harmful to minors, or obscene, and use a web security filter designed to block access to specific sites and subject matter. For purposes of this policy:
        • "Child pornography" is as defined in Section 76-5b-103, Utah Code Annotated.
        • "Harmful to minors" is as defined in Section 76-10-1201.
        • "Obscene" is as defined in 20 U.S.C. Sec. 9101.
        • "Technology protection measure" means a technology that blocks or filters Internet access to visual depictions.
  3. The administrative procedures and guidelines for the library staff to follow in enforcing the President Millard Fillmore Library Policy will include the following:
    • Provide access to the Internet as part of the mission to provide academic resources.
    • Assist patrons in using the Internet to the extent that time and other patron demand allows.
    • Maintain filtered Internet sites as dictated by President Millard Fillmore Library Board and Fillmore City Policy. President Millard Fillmore Library reserves the right to prohibit illegal activity and any other Internet access deemed inappropriate by library personnel, the library board, or by Fillmore City Policy. However, an administrator, supervisor, or other representatives of the library may disable technology protection measures described in UCA 9-7-215 Subsection (2):
      1. at the request of a library patron who is not a minor; and
      2. to enable access for research or other lawful purposes.
    • Re-evaluate access to a filtered site upon submission of a completed “Request for Internet Site Review” form. All requests will be forwarded to the Fillmore City Council for a final decision.
    • Report illegal activity conducted on the Internet or on the library premises. Illegal acts involving library-computing resources may be subject to prosecution by local, state, and/or federal authorities.
  4. President Millard Fillmore Library:
    • Will not tolerate disruptive or illegal behavior. Patron will be given one warning before losing library computer privileges for that day. Second warning, library computer privileges will be suspended for a period of one week. Third warning, library computer privileges will be suspended for a period of two weeks. Fourth warning, library computer privileges will be suspended for a period of three weeks. Upon the fifth warning, all library computer privileges will be permanently suspended, and the patron could possibly lose all library privileges if he/she continues to be disruptive.
    • Will not be responsible for the availability or accuracy of information accessible to patrons.
    • Will not accept responsibility for Internet use by children and young people; this responsibility lies with the parents or legal guardians.
    • Will not guarantee that the filtering software will be totally effective.
  5. Internet users agree to follow all library computer rules and sign in before using computers. A signature confirms the agreement to abide by the following rules. Failure to comply may result in the loss of library and/or library computer privileges.
    • Not install any program(s) on library computers.
    • Limit use to 1 hour per day.
    • Not access to any type of chat line.
    • Not access any online sites containing material that is “child pornography,” “harmful to minors” or “obscene”, as those terms are defined in subsection D. (2) a) ii), of this subsection.
    • Pay printing fees.
    • Shut down 30 minutes prior to closing time.
    • Pay a minimum technician fee or the actual amount to restore computer operation if a computer operating program has been corrupted by intentional misuse. Fee set by Fillmore City Council.
  6. Patrons and staff may use the following procedures to handle complaints about this policy, its enforcement, or about observed patron behavior:
    • Complaints concerning enforcement of the library Internet policies may be submitted in writing to the President Millard Fillmore Library Board. To be considered valid, the objections must state the date and description of the issue, the names of the librarian(s) and patron(s) involved, and be signed and dated by the complainant.
    • The library board will review and investigate the complaint, discuss possible resolutions and, if appropriate, enforce those penalties consistent with D. (2) c) 1), of this subsection. Provided, a person who accesses online sites containing material that is child pornography, harmful to minors, or obscene, as those terms are defined in D. (2) a) ii), of this subsection, shall lose all library computer privileges.
    • If the enforcement procedures under this policy are deemed to be insufficient or if instituting additional enforcement measures is deemed necessary by the library board, the library board shall make recommendations to the City Council for adoption and implementation.
  7. Any person may appeal the enforcement decision of the library board under subsection (e) ii), above, to the Fillmore City Council within 30 days of the library board’s final decision.
  8. This policy shall be strictly enforced by the library personnel.
  9. This policy shall become effective upon adoption by the Fillmore City Council and shall be reviewed by the library board at least every three years. (Reviewed and adopted by the Fillmore City Council 06/15/2004).

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