Innovative Galleries

Custom tag-based architecture. image

Tagging allows a single image to be individualized across several galleries, by using multiple image tags, with each slice containing unique data.

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File Uploader

HTML drag & drop uploading. image

Uploading new images to RokGallery is simple with its HTML5/Flash drag and drop uploader, with a conventional file browser alternative.

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Image Editing

Modify using the Slice Editor. image

The advanced Slice Editor is loaded with native application functionality such as non-destructive selective cropping and resizing.

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Sep 18

Welcome – President Millard Fillmore Library

The mission of the President Millard Fillmore Library is to make a positive difference in the lives of our patrons by responsively providing materials, information, and services at our library and/or via the Library’s World Wide Web site. The Library accomplishes this mission by:
  • Providing books and other materials that will be used to meet the informational, educational and recreational needs of most library users.
  • Promoting materials, programs, and services which encourage reading and help patrons find information.
  • Employing technology, both within the library and on our Web site, which allows patrons access to needed information, databases and services.
  • Recruiting, selecting and training staff that is able to meet the needs of the library patrons.
  • Developing policies and procedures that encourage patrons to use the library and to take responsibility for their use of library materials and services.
  • Providing library services and facilities which are attractive, easy to use, conveniently located and cost effective to operate.

Plugin Documentation

Introduction to RokGallery. image

RokGallery, is a new gallery plugin, with flexible, modern and powerful features. Introduce yourself to the basics by going to the Plugins → RokGallery page in this sites sample content.

Navigation Fusion & Splitmenu Two menu options: the javascript enhanced CSS dropdown Fusion with MegaMenu features; and the venerable, static SplitMenu.
Advanced Layout Over 70 Widget Positions Gantry's advanced grid system allows for dynamic, flexible layouts, configurable on a per override item basis for true control.
User Interface Gantry Framework Gantry makes configuration a simple, quick and easy task, with its rich and dynamic control panel for a range of theme options.
Styled Addons RocketTheme Plugins Beyond RokGallery, Reflex is bundled with a selection of styled RocketTheme plugins, such as RokTabs & RokNewsPager